Join us for the 15th UX Masterclass

Humanising Innovation:  UX driven transformation

The 15th UX Masterclass brings together experts and thought-leaders from the field of user experience, innovation and customer research. 
The conference focuses on humanising digital transformations; how can we ensure the success and adoption of digital transformations.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rosebank, Johannesburg
04 April 2019

Experiences happen, whether you plan for them or not.

Experiences happen, whether you plan for them or not. When not intentionally designed for, there’s a much higher likelihood of the experience being poor. By understanding your customer, you are more likely to create an experience that the customer will enjoy and the likelihood that they will return.

A good experience will:
Create a chance of the customer finding, engaging with or buying something from the company. If they enjoyed their experience they are more likely to return. And a returning customer becomes a loyal customer and a loyal customer is the best kind to have.

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