Our Clients

List of Mantaray's clients

We performed various research studies to understand the purchasing behaviour of the investor. We performed a benchmark of the current site against local and international sites to understand trends and to measure the baseline using our UX score system.

We facilitated various workshops with the stakeholders to gather objectives and needs. We created an asset library, information architecture, templates and wireframes for a fully responsive site that meets the business objectives and customer needs.

We create wireframes, interaction specifications and front-end designs for a number of projects across various digital channels.

We conducted various studies to understand the customer and their purchasing behaviour when buying a home. We worked on the product strategy with the business unit to solve the issue of home loan applications occurring late in the purchasing process.

We created user journeys depicting customer purchasing and selling behaviour with regard to homes. We added the UX strategy to the overall product strategy and delivered the information architecture, sitemap and functional flows together with wireframes, screen designs, full interaction design specifications as well as front-end development through our development suppliers.


We created an information architecture and basic wireframes for the agency to build the new site. We also created high-fidelity wireframes with existing content and imagery to enable the quick migration of content.

We delivered a UX specification that showed all the pages and areas on the site that were required for migration and rationalised the content to ensure that redundant content was not being migrated. We created a set of templates for the new CMS and ensured the content could be catered for.


We conducted various research studies to gain insights from customers and investigated the market to ascertain the market landscape and a deeper understanding of the gaps in the market and potential opportunities. We held a number of workshops with over 30 business units to understand key objectives and current state.

Following this we created user journeys depicting customer engagement across various touch points along with personas of the key segments. All of this informed the cross-channel digital and UX strategy which consolidated all the findings and prioritised the objectives for the business and customer.